The sustainability of our planet and a sense of global community are the reasons why Threeland exists. If preserving the planet and doing everything possible to make it cleaner and greener is a priority, helping those who live on it and have been victims of the injustice of every day cannot enjoy essential goods is also a priority. A better world is one that is also more just and equal. Alone we know that we cannot change it but, little by little, person by person we can make a difference. If not in the world, at least in the life of someone who really needs it. At Threeland we believe that with small gestures we can do something really relevant and inspiring.
That's why for every pair of Threeland shoes sold, $1.5 is donated to a global organization responsible for reducing world hunger. This money will then be transformed into meals. Enough to feed a child in a disadvantaged country for a whole day.

By helping in the present, we will be helping the future.

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